Top 3 Superbowl 47 Commercials

This is pretty much an opinion post but I believe that this year was really weak in comparison to the great commercials we’ve seen in the past. I was highly disappointed in the minimal laughs I got during the big game but there was at least three commercials that made me lol.

Number 3: “Leon Sandcastle”

Deion Sanders stars in an NFL Draft commercial highlighting the next rookie sensation.

Number 2: “Oreo’s Whisper Fight”

Sets in a library where two people arguing over the best part of an Oreo cookie escalates.

Number 1: “Goat for Sale”

Doritos takes it with their hilarious screaming goat. I literally lost my shit.

And that’s my top three pick. With a runner up e*trade commercial. The little guy gives you ideas on what you could do with your savings.


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